[UMS Favorites 2012] Nathaniel Rateliff… and Jordan’s favorites

So sorry to miss yesterday, I was busy having dinner with my parents and reuniting with my dear old friend Chris at the Irish Rover.

BUT I’m back with my last favorite UMS set and a few of Jordan’s favorites as well. I tried to get him to write for yall but he refused. I’ll just try to capture what he said about the bands.

First up, Nathaniel Rateliff.

I feel like I’ve been seriously missing out. Before last Thursday, allthough I had heard his name thrown around town, (I mean, he’s been playing shows with Mumford and Sons, come on) and I knew he was friends with Patrick and many other local Colorado bands, I had never actually heard his music. I’m totally kicking myself now for not hearing Nathaniel sooner.

It’s like he took everything I love about music and squashed it into the same band. I love music that is just quiet and slow enough to blend into the background like it is the soundtrack to my life. I love voices that sound gritty and worn, like the singer just drank some whiskey.  Sometimes when Nathaniel gets into the lower register he sounds like Eric Clapton. amazing. I love strings, acoustic guitar, and upright bass, especially when they all blend together so perfectly. I love dynamics and projection for purpose. I pretty much love everything about Nathaniel and his album In Memory of Loss.

From a performance standpoint, I could tell how excited he was to be back home in his neighborhood, playing for old fans and friends. That is so important to me, when a performer can be so relaxed and comfortable on stage. I know this is a recurring theme to me, but if you go on stage and your comfortable and unpretentious I’m going to like your performance better. I want to feel just for a second that I’m in a room of friends. That is how the connection gets formed. Which is what music really should be about, right?

{Side note- this is totally why I don’t love Jenny Lewis anymore. When I saw her perform she looked so freaking bored and put out for having to perform for us. I’m sorry, but your amazing talent doesn’t cover up the fact that you’re a jerk.}

Suffice it to say, I’m a new fan of Nathaniel Rateliff, and you should be too. You can check out his music on his website. In the meantime, here is a great video of him from the studio:

And now for Jordan’s favorites….


{Should I have to say that Jordan knows Alex? Is that a blogging rule?}

Mancub is electropop. Simple as that. And they throw one hell of a party. If you want to dance your ass off and just simply have a great time with your friends, this is the band to go see. So do it.

Git Some.

The most accurate comparison for them would probably be Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. This is based on my really detailed research of listening to one song and knowing nothing about “thrash punk”. One person described it as “kind of like a street fight on a record”. I’m not gonna lie, most of you won’t like this band. BUT if you want to get totally rocked then this is the band for you. They’re gonna be loud and in your face and you’ll probably get punched. And you’ll definitely be sweaty. If that sounds appealing, check em out.


So that’s that. I’ll try to come back more regularly so yall don’t get too lonely. 🙂