[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Thank God For May.


*I never wrote about this, but I lost my job at the university at the beginning of April. I was laid off after two months (along with half of the office) with absolutely no warning. I had never even met the guy who gave me my release letter. Talk about an awkward, horrible, stressful situation. But see below for the good news….

*I made a terrible first impression at our new neighborhood coffee place (which is probably entirely too hip for me anyways) by not knowing how to check out on the ipad, dropping lids everywhere, having unbrushed hair, etc etc. I’ve gotta work on my “hipness” in this neighborhood… ha

*To demonstrate my lack of hipness, I bought a skirt from Kmart yesterday. It was only $6. I can already bet you I’ll wear it more often than the Michael Kors/Nanette Lapore/Free People/Anthropologie skirts I have in my completely full basket that needs to be taken to the dry cleaner. I’m totally awkward and unprepared for real adulthood.


*I start a new administrative job on Wednesday. 36 hrs/wk with Fridays off. At a NONPROFIT. After losing my job I signed up with an employment agency. Less than two weeks after that I got a job after only going on 1 interview. It was the most awesome and painless situation ever. I’m over the moon to be working at a nonprofit.

*I got a shout out from eastsidebride this week and that pretty much made my whole week. it wasn’t even anything huge, just a suggestion for a jacket I found…. but still pretty awesome. 🙂

*We are officially almost completely moved and have really only a couple of boxes left to unpack in our new house. Once it is all done I’ll give yall a virtual tour. Loosey and Gatsby are getting comfortable too which is awesome!

*Some words of wisdom from John Lennon:


[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] On moving out, and the awkward stuff I’ve been saving.

I am spending the day packing so I can move tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED. This is by no means my first time moving, as I did spend 4 years in Texas in which I moved every May like clockwork. This is however the first time I’m actually completely moving out of my room in the parent’s house. When I went to college, I kept most of my stuff here in Colorado which means there is years worth of stuff to go through. I’m not a hoarder, but I definitely have a penchant for keeping things with so-called “sentimental” value. But now is time to finally clean and declutter it all so we can paint the ugly walls (see below for details on that) and my parents can have a guest room. It is quite the task sorting through about 12 years of accumulated crap and it has been filled with many discoveries that are simultaneously awkward AND awesome.

*here is a snapshot of my walls, just to give you an idea of how long it has been since this room has been updated…
How I ever manage to fall asleep in there is a grand mystery, but I thought the lime green and yellow was just oh-so-cool. And coincidentally the colors of my high school. Golden eagles forever! ha. What an awkward choice.

*a sample of just a few of the weird/embarrassing things I found that I’ve been saving that show just how big of a dork I really am….

-a happy meal toy and box from Prague (why is this necessary to have?)
-tickets from every concert I’ve been to (including an embarrassing amount of tickets for both New Found Glory and Relient K)
-my pins from Destination Imagination (I can’t even begin to explain the hilarious phenomenon that is DI pin trading or DI in general but know this- it really is as dorky as it sounds)
-all the homemade shirts from over the years, including a Relient K shirt that says “We love skittles and combos too!”. totally awkward. and awesome since Karen and Casey have matching ones somewhere. Here is a homemade “Harry and the Potters” shirt as an example of our awesome shirt making skills:

*that awkward moment when I found a ridiculous mask and have literally no idea where it came from or why I was saving it:

*I have no idea why I still have this box:
but it is filled with notes/notebooks from middle school that capture our angst, so I feel like I should still keep it….

There are some hilarious gems in those notes/notebooks about out apparent love affairs, wearing guys watches, what awesome plans we have for Friday night… we thought we were SOOOO cool.

*the reminders of just how much of a theatre nerd I was….

I saved every single poster, from School House Rock freshman year to my final written musical senior year:

Along with all those are the coinciding tshirts and thespian conference swag, my choir and theatre letters/pins, Madrigal Feast props, a train whistle from Music Man, and boxes and boxes of photos. totally hilarious.

So there you have it… a sample of the many simultaneously awkward + awesome things found in my room. Embarrassingly, this barely cracks the surface. Just in case you may have been starting to think I’m cool… ha.

How about you…. What awkward/awesome things have you been saving from middle and high school?

[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] New Beginnings…

So a bit of an update: I got a new job as an administrative assistant at online university. I basically answer phones, send mail, receive faxes, scan documents, etc. It is probably the least glamorous job in the world, but now I can be confident about moving on May 1 and not cry when I receive my student loan invoices in my email every month. I am getting back into a routine with my new 8-5 schedule, but once I get in the swing I will try to be more consistent and keep you guys entertained. I know you just can’t live with yourself when I don’t post, right!?!? After a long hiatus, here is some A+A excitement for your Thursday afternoon…


*Eating lunch in my car alone because I am not yet friends with my coworkers and I am too poor to eat out everyday.

*Spending my lunch hour as one of those people who sit in the corner at Panera on their laptop- it would be awesome if I was writing the next great American novel or my winning screenplay or something, but I’m really just sitting here writing my blog. awkward?

*Having to constantly interrupt conversations to tell my coworkers they have phone calls. Eventually I’m sure it won’t feel awkward, but for now I still always feel like I’m in the way.

*Politically speaking, this whole “slut” debacle with Rush Limbaugh is ridiculous. Have we really gotten to the point in our religious climate that we have to resort to name calling like children on the playground? Apparently so.

*On another political note, I feel super awkward about this Invisible Children KONY campaign going viral. Don’t get me wrong, Kony is a terrible man and the atrocities he has committed are horrible. People need to know about them…. I just have a problem with some of the information being a tad bit deceiving/incorrect. (Mainly the idea that Kony is still in Uganda and that there are still hundreds of child soldiers. Experts say he hasn’t been in Uganda for upwards of 6 years and there are maybe a few hundred IRA soldiers at this point). I also have problems with the way IC runs their nonprofit and the whole idea of the Cover The Night campaign make me feel really awkward about the whole thing.


*NEW JOB. WITH A SALARY. and BENEFITS. what!? I will be honest with you- it is not my dream job. I wish I could be using my degree more and helping people in a more tangible way, but I couldn’t keep on the path I was on. It is awesome to not have to sell yuppies pizza at night and it is also awesome to not be working for free during the day anymore. Although I adored the nonprofit I worked for and the people there, it was time to move up a little in the world monetarily.

*This amazing poem, found via Pinterest:

*I gave up drinking alcohol for lent, and although I’m not a total party girl it was still nice to go out the other night and not have to worry about getting home safely. AND I got unlimited amounts of free diet coke.

*The fact that we are on the brink of spring has me totally giddy. I’ve been filling my online shopping carts with spring and summer clothes I want to buy. I can’t wait to wear sandals and sundresses, and to frolic in wildflowers, and to sit on patios, and to have barbeques, and all the loveliness of summer!

What has been awesome in your life this week?

[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] “You Didn’t See Nuthin!”


-Saturday night I relearned a very important lesson. Bars such as Lavish, Maloney’s, and the like are NOT my favorite places in the world. An evening of strangers rubbing against me and loud music is so not enjoyable. Saturday night alone I saw the goodies (if you know what I mean) of numerous strangers, had to tell more than one strange guy to stop touching me, and encountered TWO overflowing toilets.

-On Friday I had a phone call related to a job I applied for (on Thursday, mind you) which was maybe five minutes TOPS because the person on the other end was soooo unresponsive and seemed like she hated her job. I was super awkward because she wasn’t talking and I was not prepared to get a call that day. Of course I got a rejection email on Monday. Most awkward and fast turn around ever. {which is super sad because it is such an awesome org.}

-RICK SANTORUM WON IN THE COLORADO REPUBLICAN CAUCUS. REALLY?! I was prepared for Mitt Romney to win, because we have a large Mormon population. I was even prepared for Ron Paul to upset because we have so many libertarians. But Santorum? Dude is so ridiculous I feel awkward and uncomfortable just thinking about him.


-A federal judge FINALLY ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional! While our country still has a long way to go in ensuring that all people have the equal right to marry the person they love, the precedent that this case sets is HUGE in preventing other such laws. That alone is the most awesome thing to happen this week… followed closely by this:

-Living at a house in the suburbs with a bunch of space and a huge yard has totally mellowed Loosey out. She gets to run around and play and sniff around for hours and she seems so happy about it!

-So many of the Super Bowl commercials featured adorable doggies! I had a hard time choosing my favorite dog-related commercial, but I have to go with this one:

What was AWESOME or AWKWARD about your week?

[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Are you lucky now?


-The other day I wore my leggings inside out to my internship AND work and didn’t even notice until I got home. The seams were SUPER noticeable, so I’m sure everyone thought I was a hot mess.

-Getting straight up yelled at because we changed our pizza crust and eliminated a few toppings. Oh, I’m sorry that we got rid of the nasty salmon pizza that only you ordered. I bet if you yell some more salmon will magically fall from the sky.

-Jordan moved this week and Loosey was so stressed out she moped around, wouldn’t eat, and even had a swollen nose! (which may or may not have been related) She is better now- but it was pretty weird to have a depressed dog for a few days.

-After doing Wedding Wednesday last week my aunt asked if it meant Jordan and I were getting married. I told her no, but she still asked my mom about it when she saw her. Sorry folks, I can barely afford to throw a dinner party for 10 friends, let alone 100+ friends/family.


-Denver is forecasted for 12-15 inches of snow within the next 36 hours! I fully intend on doing nothing but making chili, drinking cider, and baking tasty treats.

-I’m going to see Ryan Adams tomorrow! I can’t wait to see a whole lot of this-

-Jordan accidentally got Amazon Prime by forgetting to cancel his trial which is actually kind of awesome. I ordered a book (including shipping) for NINE CENTS yesterday. I can’t even drive to the bookstore for nine cents. AND they have free movies and tv? Obsessed.

-This simple advice from Andy Warhol:


[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Back to normal life..


-Yesterday morning we walked to Santiagos and I literally fell on my face while trying to text and walk. I have a bruise on my knee and my hand is scraped up.

-The guy at the Starbucks by my work joked that they made less money last week since I wasn’t there to get coffee everyday. You know you drink a lot of coffee when the barista comments on it. ha.

-I currently have three full baskets full of clean laundry. I think it might be time to clean out my closet…


-WE GOT TO SAVE BABY TURTLES. I’ve been thinking about it since the day it happened. I just keep thinking, “I held an endangered species! I hope my turtle made it!”

-Summer nights on Glee!

-Jordan and I spent like an hour yesterday casting the movie about our lives. Me as Maggie Gyllenhall and Jordan as Jason Segel. 🙂

-This lovely gem from pinterest. We should all take this advice:


[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] thank god for family, friends, and 2012!

This post is crazy picture heavy….. just fyi. Also, I have a hard time thinking of awkward moments which is surprising because had I done this in college I could have shared MANY stories about coffee spilling/falling down stairs/laughing at inappropriate times.


-Last Thursday it was super windy in Denver and Jordan and I were headed to Highlands Ranch for a Christmas party with the phat fatties. A “road work ahead” sign fell reflective side down into the merge lane on I-25 and I didn’t see it….. I ran it over and got not one, but TWO flat tires. It was seriously awkward trying to explain this to roadside assistance, the tow truck, the tire store, etc.

They weren’t reparable so I had to buy two new tires. Did I mention that  I just bought all four tires in October? This brings the total of car related annoyances this year to well over $2000. I have spent a lot of awkward moments at auto shops this year, ha.

-While I was watching War Horse on Monday I get thinking about how much Loosey looks like a horse. Her personality is JUST like the main horse Joey. After the movie my parents and their friends were talking about the story and all I could think of was that Loosey = horse. Awkward.

-When I cleaned out my car the other day I filled an entire laundry basket with random stuff that was in the back seat. I didn’t realize just how much stuff I had been driving around with. Oops…


All the people I spent Christmas/New Years with are  super awesome….

-My family is the best. I don’t really have a picture to portray that, they just are.

-Shout out to the Tuzzeo/Quatrochi/Townsend/etc clan for being the best second family a girl could ask for. Y’all are truly awesome in every way.

-I really can’t brag about the phat fatties enough… It’s so awesome to still have them as friends and I had a great time hanging with them at our Christmas party and on New Years Eve.

-I’m leaving for a week in Puerto Vallarta one week from Sunday! I am so in need of a vacation and it will be a-maz-ing. Just look at the private beach at our resort:

You know you’re jealous!

What was awkward or awesome about your last few weeks?