[Thrifty Tuesday] Thrift Store + Home Depot = Amazing Home Projects.

I’m in the process of finding a new place and will be moving on or before May 1 with Jordan and two great friends of ours. While we make our plans and look at new places I can’t help but dream up all the crafty things we’re going to do with our new space. For today’s edition of “Thrifty Tuesday”, I bring you three of the projects I’ve been dreaming of making. All of these can be made using thrifted items and a few items from home depot.

*THIS awesome bookshelf turned bar via Apartment Therapy:

This one would definitely not be a quick project but the end result is pretty incredible for a pretty small cost. There is so much room for uniqueness too- from the paint choice to the contact paper. I really want one of these!

THESE adorable chairs via “Fine Diving Chicago”:

I already have two perfect chairs for this project. They are red dining chairs that Jordan found discarded in the alley and they are in serious need of love. This project would really make them unique and fun! If you wanted to make these, there are always a plethora of mismatched chairs at thrift stores just waiting for some paint and fun.

THIS lace lamp via More Design Please:

Unfortunately the link to the instructions seems to be broken, but it seems easy enough by the photo. Basically, the lamp is made by paper mache-ing a balloon with lace doilies + wallpaper glue. You could easily find some vintage lace at a thrift store and the light portion can be found for 4 dollars at ikea.

There are many other projects I love, but these are the three I actually intend on making.

What crafty home projects have you been inspired by lately?


[Thrifty Tuesday] These are a few of my favorite things….

I have skipped over thrifty Tuesday for weeeeeks now (and haven’t updated my blog in forever), so as a special Thrifty Tuesday treat, here are a few of my favorite thrifted finds! I can’t remember exactly how much I spent on anything, but I can say that I have never spent more than ten dollars on a thrifted item of clothing (except for my Manolo Blahnik shoes and my Citizens of Humanity jeans), and more than likely everything was less than five dollars.

First, some items without a person in them….

Free People velvet dress – Buffalo Exchange in Austin, TX

New York & Company pencil skirt – Saver’s (Littleton Blvd)

Ann Taylor pencil skirt – Goodwill in Denver (Broadway + Archer)

Vintage Blondo Cowboy boots- garage sale

Ann Taylor Loft Jeans – Goodwill (Broadway + Oxford)

Ralph Lauren button down – Goodwill (Broadway + Archer)

Target Go International Shirt – Savers (Littleton Blvd)

Calvin Klein Blazer – Goodwill (Broadway + Archer)

Ric Rac for Anthropologie dress from Mercer Place (Broadway + Arkansas).

And a few items with me in them!

I’m fifth from the left. My A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz maxi dress is from Goodwill (Broadway + County Line).

I can’t recall precisely where this Target (Mossimo) shirt dress is from, but I know I thrifted it.

My favorite jean jacket! It is originally from Hollister, I got it at Mile High Thrift Store in high school, and it has been a staple in my closet ever since!

SEE! I told you there are awesome things at thrift stores! Do you believe me now? Stay tuned next week for photos of FULL thrifted outfits with me in them! I promise.

Most importantly, check back tomorrow for an awesome bridal shower how-to. Check back Thursday for an A+A Thursday complete with details on what has been keeping me from my blog. AND check back Friday for a Gluten free cheat sheet including recipes, blogs, and products that you’ll love (especially for you Emmy!).

[Thrifty Tuesday] Event Alert: Good Exchange Clothing Swap + Fashion Show

Goodwill Industries of Denver's Good Exchange for Change Clothing Swap and Fashion Show

clothing swap + fashion show + all proceeds going to Goodwill = amazing.

Here’s how it works: Register for $25 here. The day of the event bring at least 10 items of clothing that are in good condition to swap. You’ll get to enjoy apps, a cash bar, and a fashion show and you’ll leave with at least 10 new items of clothing!


[Thrifty Tuesday] Inspired by… Pinterest

I already mentioned it, but it is worth stating again- Pinterest is AWESOME. On top of providing amazing cooking and fashion inspiration, Pinterest is the best place to find craft ideas. In the spirit of Thrifty Tuesday, here are three great craft ideas I found that use thrift store items!


I saw a pin from Blogger “A Beautiful Mess” which led me to this brilliant DIY coffee table….

This project could easily be replicated with any thrift store table/wooden chair/etc. And it is so easy! Check out the tutorial here.


I’ve seen this one in many varieties on pinterest. Who knew a men’s button down could really be so versatile? I’m not a sewer, but if I was here is one I really like that could easily be made using a thrifted men’s shirt:

If you’d like to make yourself one, there is a tutorial HERE.


It is super easy to fix up an ugly lamp shade found at a thrift store- all you need is hot glue and fabric!

You can find easy instructions at the bottom of THIS entry.

Those are just three of the many many easy projects you can find on pinterest using thrifted items!

 What projects have you found on Pinterest?

[thrifty tuesday] why shopping at thrift stores is oh-so-cool.

I’ve mentioned how much I love to shop at thrift/re-sale/consignment stores, but I haven’t yet explained why. There are five main reasons why I love to thrift and I think it is oh-so-cool.

*it is eco-friendly.

You know the old adage- reduce, reuse, recycle. While many of us are getting good at the the reducing and the recycling, the reusing can be hard. Re-sale shops offer us all an easy way to “reuse”. This way you’re saving the Earth- by reducing the amount of energy that would be needed to make new items and preventing those items from landing in a landfill. Sounds like a good deal to me!

*it is exciting.

Shopping in retail can be boring. Everything in the store can usually be found online, you probably already know someone who owns most of the items, and in many cases there are 2 or 3 colors of the item you want. It can be convenient, yes, but not exciting. Thrifting is thrilling because you never know what you’re going to find. The excitement of finding the perfect designer something with tags still on it is amazing! It feels like you won the jackpot.

*it allows for creativity/uniqueness.

As I mentioned in the second point, many times you already know someone who owns most of the items at regular retail stores. Do you really want to have the exact same things are your friends? At thrift stores you can often find something unique that you haven’t seen on anyone else you know. You stand out in a good way when you show your creativity through your clothes.

*the price is right.

If you are anything like me and my close friends, you’re broke right now. This economy sucks. In my book, I’d rather splurge on many other things than clothes- such as a nice dinner, movies, books, wine shared with friends…. Thrift stores make it possible for me to splurge on the things I want and still have a closet full of clothes. Everyone wins.

*often, the proceeds go to charity.

Although I do shop at a few re-sale/consignment stores that are not charitable in essence, many others are charitable entities such as Goodwill and ARC. The sole purpose of these stores is to help those in the community who are in need. I don’t know about you, but it feels pretty good to know that my love of new treasures is also helping people. Again, everyone wins.

As you can see, thrift store shopping is pretty dang cool.

Why do you shop at resale/consignment/thrift stores?

[thrifty tuesday] christmas outfit!

I originally mentioned that I was going to wear a gold dress that I bought at H&M for Christmas at my aunt’s house, but Christmas Eve morning I was not feeling the outfit at all. In a last ditch effort to find something to wear, I threw on a red dress and the sequined belt I had planned on wearing, stole a sweater from my mom, and called it good. I was already late and didn’t have time to change any more times.

As I was thinking about the outfit I realized that both the belt and dress were thrifted! I wish I had thought to take better pictures, but there are few. I really need to invest in a camera.

Here you can see a close view of the sequin belt:

And here is the whole outfit:

*Dress- Ann Taylor Loft via Goodwill on 1st & Broadway
*Belt- thrifted from ARC on Colfax by Casa Bonita
*Sweater- mom got it at TJ Maxx

Christmas Eve was proof for me that there is always something to wear. I had never intended for that dress to be for social affairs- I bought it to be used as professional wear under blazers. I wouldn’t have thought that the ridiculous belt would work, but I ended up loving it!

Next time you aren’t sure what to wear, experiment! You’ll never know if things go together until you try.

[Thrifty Tuesday] Last minute (thrifted) gift ideas.

It is crunch time when it comes to Christmas presents. The hottest gifts of the year are gone, it is too late to order online, and the mall is a war zone. In other words, it is time to get creative.

But don’t fret!

I have three great ideas for you that are cheap and easy, all of which use supplies that can be found at any local thrift store. All you need is an open mind and a small bit of DIY spirit.

IDEA ONE: Framed Chalkboard

This one is so easy, yet provides a huge impact!

1) Find a frame that you like- it doesn’t matter what is inside because you will be painting over it. It does work best if whatever is inside the frame is on canvas. The one in the photo is pretty large, but you can choose any size you’d like.
2)  Purchase some chalkboard paint. You can find this at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.  If you are feeling super crafty, you can also make your own using this tutorial from pinterest.
3) Paint over whatever picture is inside and put it back in the frame.
4) Wrap a pretty bow around it and you’re finished. 🙂

IDEA TWO: Coffee Mug + Coffee

This is a good gift that can be both applicable to many different people and personalized at the same time. It is easy but thoughtful- jackpot! The steps to this one are easy…

1) Go to the housewares section of literally any thrift store and there will be tons of coffee mugs, usually 99 cents or less. Pick a mug that fits the personality of the person you are gifting. Hint: the more unique and out there the mug, the more personalized the gift.
2) Pick up their favorite beverage at the grocery store and add to mug- this could be coffee, cocoa, tea, whatever.
3) Wrap a bow around the mug as pictured.

IDEA THREE: Vinyl Record Bowl

I have not personally made one of these but after reading a DIY tutorial on them, I want to rush out to Goodwill and pick up a record (or two or three). Head over to CASA SUGAR for the super quick tutorial for this super cute (and cheap) gift.

Voila! Three quick, cheap, and easy gift ideas using common thrift store items.

What are your ideas for last minute thrift store gifts?