the girl.

Key things to know about your author, Amanda.

I’m 23 years old.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and graduated with big dreams of changing the world, but like everyone else in this generation- the boomerangers, millenials, gen y’ers, etc etc- I’m not really using it. I am an administrative assistant at an amazing nonprofit where I spend my days channeling Pam from The Office and Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer.

I live in Denver, Colorado, specifically the historic Baker district, with my boyfriend, our two best friends, and two dogs. At night I love trying new restaurants, seeing live music, baking, reading for my book club, and spending time with the amazing people that make living in Colorado extra special.

Two key players that will most likely come up often are Jordan and Loosey…..

Jordan’s the boyfriend, boytoy, best friend, partner in crime, high school sweetheart, love of my life etc. I owe my love of music and renewed obsession with weddings to him. (But don’t get any crazy ideas, mom!)

Loosey’s the Bloodhound, best friend, partner in crime, trouble maker, love of my life etc. I owe my neverending patience and renewed obsession of all things cute to her.

They’re my happy little family right now.

You’ll probably figure out everything else you need to know by reading. Thanks for visiting my corner of the worldwideweb.


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