[UMS Favorites 2012] Patrick Dethlefs and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Short recap: I went to Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase and saw some awesome bands.

Here are two more reasons why Denver rules:

Patrick Dethlefs

Listen if you like: Iron and Wine, Ben Sollee, Amos Lee

I can’t even lie to you and pretend this is going to be unbiased recommendation. Jordan and Patrick used to live next door to each other in Kittredge and I personally met Patrick back in high school. We’ve been following Patrick’s career from the beginning and couldn’t be more excited for him.

That being said…. Patrick really is so amazing and I mean it 100% that I feel he is the next big artist to watch in Denver. Every time we see him he is better than the time before. He has such a rich quality to his voice and writes songs that are simple, meaningful, and not at all pretentious. Watching Patrick perform is also so very refreshing because there is nothing fake about it. He doesn’t sound or look like he is trying too hard, because he doesn’t have to.

I’ve said enough– just go listen and I swear you’ll agree. http://patrickdethlefs.bandcamp.com/

On a totally different note…..

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Listen if you like: Florence and the Machine, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric

I’m pretty sure I’m the last person in Denver to see this band live, and I’m quite frankly pissed it has taken me this long. SRRS was the perfect band to see on a hot summer evening because we got to dance and sing and jump around. Fun aside, they’re also crazy talented. The singer Hayley has such a haunting and captivating voice– and she managed to fill the entire area with sound– which is hard to do when you’re performing in a parking lot. I highly suggest checking them out.

Just listen for yourself-

Check out more on their bandcamp: http://snakerattlerattlesnake.bandcamp.com/

Make sure to come back tomorrow for more music delights. 🙂

***once again, the photos came from their Facebook pages***


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