[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Thank God For May.


*I never wrote about this, but I lost my job at the university at the beginning of April. I was laid off after two months (along with half of the office) with absolutely no warning. I had never even met the guy who gave me my release letter. Talk about an awkward, horrible, stressful situation. But see below for the good news….

*I made a terrible first impression at our new neighborhood coffee place (which is probably entirely too hip for me anyways) by not knowing how to check out on the ipad, dropping lids everywhere, having unbrushed hair, etc etc. I’ve gotta work on my “hipness” in this neighborhood… ha

*To demonstrate my lack of hipness, I bought a skirt from Kmart yesterday. It was only $6. I can already bet you I’ll wear it more often than the Michael Kors/Nanette Lapore/Free People/Anthropologie skirts I have in my completely full basket that needs to be taken to the dry cleaner. I’m totally awkward and unprepared for real adulthood.


*I start a new administrative job on Wednesday. 36 hrs/wk with Fridays off. At a NONPROFIT. After losing my job I signed up with an employment agency. Less than two weeks after that I got a job after only going on 1 interview. It was the most awesome and painless situation ever. I’m over the moon to be working at a nonprofit.

*I got a shout out from eastsidebride this week and that pretty much made my whole week. it wasn’t even anything huge, just a suggestion for a jacket I found…. but still pretty awesome. 🙂

*We are officially almost completely moved and have really only a couple of boxes left to unpack in our new house. Once it is all done I’ll give yall a virtual tour. Loosey and Gatsby are getting comfortable too which is awesome!

*Some words of wisdom from John Lennon:


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