[Music Monday] I love Saddle Creek.

Jordan recently ordered a re-released Bright Eyes album on vinyl which came with a pretty great sampler of all the new albums coming out on Saddle Creek lately. Saddle Creek is the amazing record label that brings us Cursive, Bright Eyes, Maria Taylor, The Good Life, Tim Kasher, etc… It is pretty much amazing. While all those are amazing artists, the sampler introduced us to two new artists that we LOVE.


When we went and saw Conor Oberst last June he toured with this adorable blonde who sang the female parts of his songs. We came to find that she was Laura Berhenn, lead singer of the Mynabirds. Laura’s songs bring us beautiful melodies that feel comfortable and not at all nuanced, perfect for enjoying with a cup of coffee on a bright Sunday morning. The record is reminiscent of Jenny Lewis’ solo albums, which coming from me is an amazing compliment.

Big Harp

I fell in love with Big Harp the very second I heard Chris Sensesey’s voice. It is perfectly deep and crooney with not a bit of pretentiousness. It reminds me of a great Tennessee whiskey- it lays on thick and goes down smooth. I was even more hooked when I read more about the band… just look at this sweet description of the husband-wife duo:

Fell in love.
Made a baby boy.
Got married.
Made a baby girl.
Started a band.


I recommend that you check out both of their albums as soon as you can! You can purchase them in all of their forms (cd, mp3, album) on Saddle Creek’s website.

What new albums are you loving!?


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