[Wedding Wednesday] Four wedding trends that need to go away.

1) Mason Jars.

Okay folks, I love mason jars… I have a few that I use as glasses and I had a roommate who kept her mom’s delicious jam in them. Their cute, rustic, affordable- I get it. I even liked when I started seeing them pop as decoration because I felt they were a sweet DIY option. I’ll probably even end up using them when I get married in some way…. But it has gotten way out of hand. Now there are mason jar invitations, his and her mason jars, the red neck wine glass, mason jars with lace, mason jars with lights in them, mason jar favors….. I think the last straw was when my friend Jessica jokingly referred to this photo on facebook:

ARE THAT MANY JARS REALLY NECESSARY!?!?!? You know what would give the exact same affect? Using JUST the candles. Or just ONE simple centerpiece like normal people.

I’m calling mason jars over. I’m done with them and I really don’t want to read your next DIY project that uses them. Don’t make me.

2) Overly themed weddings.

Let’s get this straight now. Being inspired by something and wanting to capture the essence of it in your wedding/party/decor? Awesome. Choosing a theme and doing everything to perfectly match said theme in every single solitary detail so your guests feel like they are stuck in a diorama and can’t help but only talk about said theme? So not awesome.

I’ve been going back and forth of the theme thing, but this wedding inspiration really pushed me over the edge:

The Hunger Games? REALLY? You want to base your wedding on post-apocalyptic novel in which children have to kill each other? Go ahead- if your want your guests talking about their love for dystopian literature and how much they relate to Katniss.

I’m gonna stick to the best theme of all- wedding. For the love of God, please do the same.

3. The excessive amount of wedding-related photo shoots.

It used to just be that you would hire one photographer to take pictures of you and your family plus capture a few photos of the day. Now we have engagement photos, day of photos, bridal photos, “trash the dress” photos, boudoir photos… it is just too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of all of these things, but the wedding industry has taken them to the extreme. Do you really need engagement photos inspired by “The Notebook”?

A special note on boudoir photos: This one is not a new trend by any means, but I can’t help but cringe every time I see these mentioned. For those not following, “boudoir” is a fancy word to describe seductive, sometimes nude photo shoots that women do for their husbands to be. I often seem them described as a “fun gift” to present your man on the morning of the wedding to give him a “peek” of what is to come. BARF. I find the whole idea pretty sexist that your future husband is “entitled” to sexy photos.

4. The use of “vintage” as an adjective.

This is a vintage wedding dress:

This is not a vintage wedding dress:

There is a very significant difference between the two dresses, and I’m getting sick of both of them being referred to as “vintage”. They aren’t.



6 thoughts on “[Wedding Wednesday] Four wedding trends that need to go away.

    I’m over the bajillion steps weddings have, which just add to the cost. Bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner (i get that one is more defined, but it’s still on a long list), all of which require cute new outfits, changing dresses from wedding to reception, bachelor/bachelorette party, honeymoon, who can afford all this nonsense?!
    And I think my wedding theme will be “we’re in love and we’re getting married” not ‘this is some crazy party where we dress like pirate or literary characters’, I just don’t want it.
    Your wedding is an event, not a photoshoot.

    • glad that you agree. 🙂

      the idea that you have to buy a new outfit for every wedding-related party is pretty ridiculous. why not just wear something you feel good in?

      i think “we’re in love and we’re getting married” is the perfect wedding theme! 🙂

  2. I hope Mandy reads this – “the theme of your wedding should be ‘wedding.'” =)

    I guess it’s not really a trend, but after planning my wedding I was tired of hearing of all the things that you “must” have. You know what you must have? A bride and a groom. Probably family, friends, and some food. Music is good too. But really? You don’t have to have a cake knife that matches your guest book pen that matches your going away outfit that matches your pedicure that NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE! .

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