[Music Monday] I Love “The Voice” And I’m Not Afraid To Admit It

As I sit here watching “The Voice” I can’t help but think of the many reasons why I think it is so amazing- from the blind auditions to the battle rounds to the awesome judges I could go on and on. While I could list many, here are the reasons why “The Voice” is the best reality show to happen in a long time.

The blind auditions force the judges to focus on only the music- which is the whole point of a singing competition isn’t it?

It is human nature to have preconceived notions about people based on their looks and the blind auditions force the judges to push those away. With their sense of sight not being engaged they are able to focus completely on the way the people sound, which in the end rises the overall quality of the artists they choose. As I’ve been watching this season I haven’t really heard anyone I didn’t like because they all chose such amazing artists.

The battle rounds are one of the most interesting features of a reality show I’ve ever seen.

I LOVE the idea of the battle rounds. What better way to push an artist to do their best than making them sing a duet with their competition? It is such a unique way to judge who of two artists is really the best. This years battle rounds have been such delicious torture because everyone is so stinking good. Every single round I want the judge to be choose both artists. That is how every music competition should be.

The judges are actual musically talented, currently active in the music scene, and overall know what they’re talking about.

I’m not the biggest fan of all four judges but they are all at the top of their individual genres and have been involved for many years now and aside from Christina they are all currently touring/recording/making music of their own. I think this fact alone qualifies the judges more than any other music reality show. None of them are up there as a gimmick- they just genuinely love music and want to help others find success like they have.

And a final side note: it is nice to see Christina on tv for something other than her train wreck antics.

Every once in a while she’ll bust out a crazy run and I remember how stinkin’ good she is. Her pop music might not be the best music ever, but girl can sing the hell out of a song. Remember this?

Uh, I just forgot what I was talking about because I’m sittin’ here in awe of Christina….

So what about you- do you love The Voice?


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