[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] New Beginnings…

So a bit of an update: I got a new job as an administrative assistant at online university. I basically answer phones, send mail, receive faxes, scan documents, etc. It is probably the least glamorous job in the world, but now I can be confident about moving on May 1 and not cry when I receive my student loan invoices in my email every month. I am getting back into a routine with my new 8-5 schedule, but once I get in the swing I will try to be more consistent and keep you guys entertained. I know you just can’t live with yourself when I don’t post, right!?!? After a long hiatus, here is some A+A excitement for your Thursday afternoon…


*Eating lunch in my car alone because I am not yet friends with my coworkers and I am too poor to eat out everyday.

*Spending my lunch hour as one of those people who sit in the corner at Panera on their laptop- it would be awesome if I was writing the next great American novel or my winning screenplay or something, but I’m really just sitting here writing my blog. awkward?

*Having to constantly interrupt conversations to tell my coworkers they have phone calls. Eventually I’m sure it won’t feel awkward, but for now I still always feel like I’m in the way.

*Politically speaking, this whole “slut” debacle with Rush Limbaugh is ridiculous. Have we really gotten to the point in our religious climate that we have to resort to name calling like children on the playground? Apparently so.

*On another political note, I feel super awkward about this Invisible Children KONY campaign going viral. Don’t get me wrong, Kony is a terrible man and the atrocities he has committed are horrible. People need to know about them…. I just have a problem with some of the information being a tad bit deceiving/incorrect. (Mainly the idea that Kony is still in Uganda and that there are still hundreds of child soldiers. Experts say he hasn’t been in Uganda for upwards of 6 years and there are maybe a few hundred IRA soldiers at this point). I also have problems with the way IC runs their nonprofit and the whole idea of the Cover The Night campaign make me feel really awkward about the whole thing.


*NEW JOB. WITH A SALARY. and BENEFITS. what!? I will be honest with you- it is not my dream job. I wish I could be using my degree more and helping people in a more tangible way, but I couldn’t keep on the path I was on. It is awesome to not have to sell yuppies pizza at night and it is also awesome to not be working for free during the day anymore. Although I adored the nonprofit I worked for and the people there, it was time to move up a little in the world monetarily.

*This amazing poem, found via Pinterest:

*I gave up drinking alcohol for lent, and although I’m not a total party girl it was still nice to go out the other night and not have to worry about getting home safely. AND I got unlimited amounts of free diet coke.

*The fact that we are on the brink of spring has me totally giddy. I’ve been filling my online shopping carts with spring and summer clothes I want to buy. I can’t wait to wear sandals and sundresses, and to frolic in wildflowers, and to sit on patios, and to have barbeques, and all the loveliness of summer!

What has been awesome in your life this week?


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