[Music Monday] I’m disappointed in the Grammy Awards, and you should be too.

I know it has been a week since the Grammy Awards aired, but I have been reading a lot of articles about them this week, particularly articles about Chris Brown, and I feel I need to share my disappointment with you.

I’m disappointed in the Grammy Awards for allowing him to perform not once, but twice, after previously blacklisting him and for then awarding him a Grammy. I know the awards at their essence are not supposed to be based on the character of the individual receiving them, but there are instances like this in which I believe it should be a factor.

Did they forget what happened in 2009 to lead to his original placement on the blacklist? I sure didn’t forget. He was convicted of felony assault for beating Rihanna senseless and nearly unconscious and threatening numerous times to kill her. By choosing to ignore this fact, allowing him to perform, and giving him a Grammy, the producers of the show were essentially saying that what Chris Brown did was acceptable because he is a good artist. By accepting Chris Brown, we as a society are accepting domestic violence.

While you could possibly argue that music fans are just trying to remain unbiased and accept his music for what it is, I think the residual affects are damaging. The affects are demonstrated by the disturbing trend after the Grammy Award’s aired of tweets similar to this one:

This to me proves that at some level people have grown to accept domestic violence and have “forgiven” Chris Brown for his actions. (And the fact that Rihanna has forgiven him to me is irrelevant because that in no way makes what he did acceptable.)

While I do think people can change, I don’t believe that is the case here. Just days after the Grammy’s Chris was cited as promising someone he wouldn’t beat them if they had a drink with him. I see that as extremely problematic and a sign that he never learned from his actions. He didn’t learn any lessons from what he did because he only had to serve community service with no jail time or probation and was able to go straight back to his successful career. And then he won a Grammy.

I’m disappointed with the Grammy’s for dropping their blacklist for him and giving him an award. And you should be too.

{For a more detailed account of the saga of Chris Brown, this article on Jezebel is a good resource: http://jezebel.com/5885776/everything-you-need-to-know-about-chris-brown **Be aware that there are links to rather graphic photos of Rihanna’s injuries**}


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