[Foodie Friday] Go Eat on South Broadway. Now.

First, I must apologize for my lack of consistency when it comes to posting lately. I have busy and lacking in ideas and I must apologize. Next week I will be better, I promise.

Until then, I must encourage you go to eat on South Broadway. This cute little neighborhood has MANY great restaurants/bars to enjoy and the best movie theater in Denver– perfect for grabbing your favorite guy/gal for a lovely dinner/movie date. Here are four suggestions for a great dinner….

*El Diablo:
It’s kitschy, comfortable, and offers a fantastic menu of modern and inventive Mexican food. Food wise, I recommend either the vegetarian tacos or relleno burrito. Drink wise, you will not be disappointed if you order a mojito. I had one there Wednesday that was to die for!
***This place does get super busy on the weekend nights, so try to make a reservation if you can.***

While Delite’s neighbor Deluxe gets all the credit, it is too stuffy for me. I would much prefer hitting up Delite for some amazing tapas and drinks. The small plates are all perfect for sharing and the beer menu is great!

*The Hornet
If you want amazing burgers and fries served up in a relaxing atmosphere alongside AMAZING cocktails, then you should go to The Hornet, simple as that.

This is the place to go if you or your dining companion are vegan because over half of the menu is either vegan or available with a vegan option. AND the most expensive thing on the menu is only $9. Some may write it off because it is too “hipster”, but I think it is a cute little place for dinner/lunch/brunch/whatever.

And for an amazing treat after dinner + movie….

*Sweet Action Ice Cream:
I love frozen treats of all kinds and while lately I’m all about the frozen yogurt, when it comes to ice cream Sweet Action is my jam. Their flavors are really inventive and they use my favorite things  – like beer and Stranahan’s whiskey. They also have AMAZING ice cream sandwiches.


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