[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] “You Didn’t See Nuthin!”


-Saturday night I relearned a very important lesson. Bars such as Lavish, Maloney’s, and the like are NOT my favorite places in the world. An evening of strangers rubbing against me and loud music is so not enjoyable. Saturday night alone I saw the goodies (if you know what I mean) of numerous strangers, had to tell more than one strange guy to stop touching me, and encountered TWO overflowing toilets.

-On Friday I had a phone call related to a job I applied for (on Thursday, mind you) which was maybe five minutes TOPS because the person on the other end was soooo unresponsive and seemed like she hated her job. I was super awkward because she wasn’t talking and I was not prepared to get a call that day. Of course I got a rejection email on Monday. Most awkward and fast turn around ever. {which is super sad because it is such an awesome org.}

-RICK SANTORUM WON IN THE COLORADO REPUBLICAN CAUCUS. REALLY?! I was prepared for Mitt Romney to win, because we have a large Mormon population. I was even prepared for Ron Paul to upset because we have so many libertarians. But Santorum? Dude is so ridiculous I feel awkward and uncomfortable just thinking about him.


-A federal judge FINALLY ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional! While our country still has a long way to go in ensuring that all people have the equal right to marry the person they love, the precedent that this case sets is HUGE in preventing other such laws. That alone is the most awesome thing to happen this week… followed closely by this:

-Living at a house in the suburbs with a bunch of space and a huge yard has totally mellowed Loosey out. She gets to run around and play and sniff around for hours and she seems so happy about it!

-So many of the Super Bowl commercials featured adorable doggies! I had a hard time choosing my favorite dog-related commercial, but I have to go with this one:

What was AWESOME or AWKWARD about your week?


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