[Wedding Wednesday] Three Quintessential “Colorado” Wedding Reception Venues

To me, the location is the most important aspect of wedding planning. The right location helps set the vibe of the whole affair- from the dress to the invitations to the menu. Here in Colorado we have a lot of history around us (even though it’s only been a few hundred years) and there are unique venues here that I would say capture the essence of Colorado. Here are three quintessential Colorado venues to fit three different affairs…

*For a scenic, modern, adults-only evening affair: The Flagstaff House

The Flagstaff House is an absolutely gorgeous restaurant built into the side of a mountain about 5 minutes from Boulder. It has been there for 40 years and has always been an “it” place for foodies in Colorado. It offers amazing views day and night and the menu has a mixture of “Colorado” delicacies- such as lamb, buffalo, and trout. They can accommodate between 20-100 guests and if you fill the room there is no rental fee. Flagstaff House would be amazing for a modern, sophisticated dinner party….

*For a kitschy, fun, historical family affair: The Fort

If you want a historical Colorado wedding close to Denver, the Fort is really the only place you should look. It has hosted presidents and been featured in pretty much every food and wine magazine in the country. You can have literally any size event there- from an intimate 16 person dinner to a full buyout of 500 in the summer. It has a kitschy 19th Century Western theme and the menu is AMAZING. Total crowd pleaser.

*For a dinner and dancing affair at a Colorado landmark: Grant-Humphreys Mansion

I’m a little biased because I went to a beautiful wedding here this summer, but if you want to stay in the city and want a venue that provides a 1920’s classic vibe, this is the place. Your planning at this venue would be more involved because you would have to hire the caterer, bartender, band, etc etc but the layout and atmosphere of this place is worth it.

What other venues are quintessentially “Colorado”?


One thought on “[Wedding Wednesday] Three Quintessential “Colorado” Wedding Reception Venues

  1. These are lovely amanda!
    I like them being off the beaten path too, no vail or bever creek or other touristy venues.
    I’ll have to consider some of these for my wedding, I also love the Highlands Ranch Mansion so thats on the list too.

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