[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Are you lucky now?


-The other day I wore my leggings inside out to my internship AND work and didn’t even notice until I got home. The seams were SUPER noticeable, so I’m sure everyone thought I was a hot mess.

-Getting straight up yelled at because we changed our pizza crust and eliminated a few toppings. Oh, I’m sorry that we got rid of the nasty salmon pizza that only you ordered. I bet if you yell some more salmon will magically fall from the sky.

-Jordan moved this week and Loosey was so stressed out she moped around, wouldn’t eat, and even had a swollen nose! (which may or may not have been related) She is better now- but it was pretty weird to have a depressed dog for a few days.

-After doing Wedding Wednesday last week my aunt asked if it meant Jordan and I were getting married. I told her no, but she still asked my mom about it when she saw her. Sorry folks, I can barely afford to throw a dinner party for 10 friends, let alone 100+ friends/family.


-Denver is forecasted for 12-15 inches of snow within the next 36 hours! I fully intend on doing nothing but making chili, drinking cider, and baking tasty treats.

-I’m going to see Ryan Adams tomorrow! I can’t wait to see a whole lot of this-

-Jordan accidentally got Amazon Prime by forgetting to cancel his trial which is actually kind of awesome. I ordered a book (including shipping) for NINE CENTS yesterday. I can’t even drive to the bookstore for nine cents. AND they have free movies and tv? Obsessed.

-This simple advice from Andy Warhol:



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