[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Back to normal life..


-Yesterday morning we walked to Santiagos and I literally fell on my face while trying to text and walk. I have a bruise on my knee and my hand is scraped up.

-The guy at the Starbucks by my work joked that they made less money last week since I wasn’t there to get coffee everyday. You know you drink a lot of coffee when the barista comments on it. ha.

-I currently have three full baskets full of clean laundry. I think it might be time to clean out my closet…


-WE GOT TO SAVE BABY TURTLES. I’ve been thinking about it since the day it happened. I just keep thinking, “I held an endangered species! I hope my turtle made it!”

-Summer nights on Glee!

-Jordan and I spent like an hour yesterday casting the movie about our lives. Me as Maggie Gyllenhall and Jordan as Jason Segel. 🙂

-This lovely gem from pinterest. We should all take this advice:



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