[Thrifty Tuesday] Inspired by… Pinterest

I already mentioned it, but it is worth stating again- Pinterest is AWESOME. On top of providing amazing cooking and fashion inspiration, Pinterest is the best place to find craft ideas. In the spirit of Thrifty Tuesday, here are three great craft ideas I found that use thrift store items!


I saw a pin from Blogger “A Beautiful Mess” which led me to this brilliant DIY coffee table….

This project could easily be replicated with any thrift store table/wooden chair/etc. And it is so easy! Check out the tutorial here.


I’ve seen this one in many varieties on pinterest. Who knew a men’s button down could really be so versatile? I’m not a sewer, but if I was here is one I really like that could easily be made using a thrifted men’s shirt:

If you’d like to make yourself one, there is a tutorial HERE.


It is super easy to fix up an ugly lamp shade found at a thrift store- all you need is hot glue and fabric!

You can find easy instructions at the bottom of THIS entry.

Those are just three of the many many easy projects you can find on pinterest using thrifted items!

 What projects have you found on Pinterest?


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