[Foodie Friday] il mostro verde….

I have a new favorite thing this week and it is The Green Monster! No, not that Green Monster…


I am seriously in love with green smoothies like the Green Machine and the Apples ‘N Greens from Jamba Juice because they trick me into drinking veggies….. But I’m not in love with the price.

When I started to frown at the cost of these drinks, I went searching for a good recipe to make my own. Along the way I found Angela over at Oh She Glows, who so lovingly calls these green smoothies “Green Monsters”. Using her recipe as a starting point, and my own personal taste, I came up with this recipe/framework… You can use this as a jumping off point to create your very own green monster.

1. First add about 4 oz of liquid and 1/2 cup yogurt to your blender… {I personal use 1/2 cup 0% greek yogurt and 1/2 cup coconut milk. You can use milk, water, apple juice, really anything liquid.}

2. Add about a cup of spinach or kale and blend with the liquid + yogurt. {I personally use spinach because it is readily available. You won’t be able to taste it either way I promise.}

3. Once you have a smooth mixture of liquid, yogurt, and greens, add your fruit and blend until smooth. {I personally like banana, granny smith apple, and frozen berries… but note that berries will make it significantly less green.}

4. At this point you can add any other extras you might want for nutritional value, such as protein powder, chia seed, flax seed, almond butter… and then give it one last spin.

5. Enjoy. 🙂

What would you put in your green smoothie?


Thanks so much to everyone for reading! I am just a few shy of 1,000 views today and I’ve only been writing in the blog for a little less than 2 months, which is pretty amazing to me. I hope my musings are pleasing to you… If you have any requests about a special topic you’d like me to write about let me know!

And hey, don’t be a stranger… I know y’all are reading so you should leave me some love 🙂


One thought on “[Foodie Friday] il mostro verde….

  1. I love green smoothies! I did them a lot for a while, but then I got lazy – no good. And I should try it with your tip about what order to add the ingredients. I was having a hard time getting it blended all the way.

    Love you!

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