[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] thank god for family, friends, and 2012!

This post is crazy picture heavy….. just fyi. Also, I have a hard time thinking of awkward moments which is surprising because had I done this in college I could have shared MANY stories about coffee spilling/falling down stairs/laughing at inappropriate times.


-Last Thursday it was super windy in Denver and Jordan and I were headed to Highlands Ranch for a Christmas party with the phat fatties. A “road work ahead” sign fell reflective side down into the merge lane on I-25 and I didn’t see it….. I ran it over and got not one, but TWO flat tires. It was seriously awkward trying to explain this to roadside assistance, the tow truck, the tire store, etc.

They weren’t reparable so I had to buy two new tires. Did I mention that  I just bought all four tires in October? This brings the total of car related annoyances this year to well over $2000. I have spent a lot of awkward moments at auto shops this year, ha.

-While I was watching War Horse on Monday I get thinking about how much Loosey looks like a horse. Her personality is JUST like the main horse Joey. After the movie my parents and their friends were talking about the story and all I could think of was that Loosey = horse. Awkward.

-When I cleaned out my car the other day I filled an entire laundry basket with random stuff that was in the back seat. I didn’t realize just how much stuff I had been driving around with. Oops…


All the people I spent Christmas/New Years with are  super awesome….

-My family is the best. I don’t really have a picture to portray that, they just are.

-Shout out to the Tuzzeo/Quatrochi/Townsend/etc clan for being the best second family a girl could ask for. Y’all are truly awesome in every way.

-I really can’t brag about the phat fatties enough… It’s so awesome to still have them as friends and I had a great time hanging with them at our Christmas party and on New Years Eve.

-I’m leaving for a week in Puerto Vallarta one week from Sunday! I am so in need of a vacation and it will be a-maz-ing. Just look at the private beach at our resort:

You know you’re jealous!

What was awkward or awesome about your last few weeks? 


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