[thrifty tuesday] christmas outfit!

I originally mentioned that I was going to wear a gold dress that I bought at H&M for Christmas at my aunt’s house, but Christmas Eve morning I was not feeling the outfit at all. In a last ditch effort to find something to wear, I threw on a red dress and the sequined belt I had planned on wearing, stole a sweater from my mom, and called it good. I was already late and didn’t have time to change any more times.

As I was thinking about the outfit I realized that both the belt and dress were thrifted! I wish I had thought to take better pictures, but there are few. I really need to invest in a camera.

Here you can see a close view of the sequin belt:

And here is the whole outfit:

*Dress- Ann Taylor Loft via Goodwill on 1st & Broadway
*Belt- thrifted from ARC on Colfax by Casa Bonita
*Sweater- mom got it at TJ Maxx

Christmas Eve was proof for me that there is always something to wear. I had never intended for that dress to be for social affairs- I bought it to be used as professional wear under blazers. I wouldn’t have thought that the ridiculous belt would work, but I ended up loving it!

Next time you aren’t sure what to wear, experiment! You’ll never know if things go together until you try.


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