[Music Monday] The WORST songs of 2011.

If you get songs stuck in your head easily and hate being annoyed, I’d suggest that you stop reading right now. All of the songs on this list are seriously annoying but surprisingly catchy (which is really JUST as annoying isn’t it?).

Although 2011 brought us some fantastic albums, a handful of songs managed to drive me crazy this year. I am jealous of you if you managed to survive without these wretched songs ruining your days….

1) Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn

Oh god. what to say about Kreayshawn. Terrible video, terrible clothes, terrible rapping I can’t understand…. just see for yourself:

2) In The Dark by Dev

Oh dear Lord, this song needs to die. I don’t even go bars very often and every single time I did this year I had to hear this horrendous song. It has a horrible identity crisis as to which annoying pop genre it wants to be, and the lyrics are straight up stupid.

3. Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

These dudes have GOT to be a group of hipsters that are in on the joke. The song is ridiculous and the video has cliche/”ironic” written all over it. There is no way they really think this is good in anyway. Right?

4. Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith

I have to admit that I can’t help but sing this song when I hear it or see a red party cup, but I hate myself for it every time. Is this just an elaborate marketing campaign for Solo?

There were many other annoying songs this year, but these are the four that have plagued me.

What other songs sucked this year?


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