Simply awesome.

I interrupt the regular scheduled programming to bring you a special “awesome” only edition of Thursday in honor of the beautiful holiday season. With no rhyme or reason, I bring to you many of the things i’ve been diggin’ lately…….

-making friends with starbucks employees and getting my coffee free every day, especially peppermint lattes. yummmm.

-fantasy sports and the nerdiness that ensues when my friends and i talk about it. also, the league.

-the ridiculous gold dress i bought at h&m for christmas eve at my aunt’s house. she asked us to wear something festive/sparkly and she will most definitely be getting her wish.

-my awesome book club. they are seriously the best. if you live in denver and like to read, join us! we are reading “the handmaids tale” this month.

-leggings, jeggings, and the ilk as pants. trash it all you want but in the winter it is really just the most comfortable look. i’m doing it right now and i don’t care who knows it. and who likes bothering with buttons? gross.

-having a boyfriend who just won’t bother with box macncheese. go ahead and enjoy your kraft- i’ll take melted cheddar with cream and bacon please. 🙂

-waking up to loosey’s slobber face smiling at me. it is a tad annoying when the wake up call is at 8:30 in the morning, but still so freakin’ adorable.

-a foot of snow! it is difficult to drive in, but gorgeous.

What things are awesome in your life lately?


One thought on “Simply awesome.

  1. It’s going to be awesome when I beat your butt in fantasy this week! You better clean off a shelf for the Padilla!

    But seriously, our dogs, bookclub, and fantasy absolutely deserve recognition. They’re all amazing. It makes me so happy!

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