[Thrifty Tuesday] Last minute (thrifted) gift ideas.

It is crunch time when it comes to Christmas presents. The hottest gifts of the year are gone, it is too late to order online, and the mall is a war zone. In other words, it is time to get creative.

But don’t fret!

I have three great ideas for you that are cheap and easy, all of which use supplies that can be found at any local thrift store. All you need is an open mind and a small bit of DIY spirit.

IDEA ONE: Framed Chalkboard

This one is so easy, yet provides a huge impact!

1) Find a frame that you like- it doesn’t matter what is inside because you will be painting over it. It does work best if whatever is inside the frame is on canvas. The one in the photo is pretty large, but you can choose any size you’d like.
2)  Purchase some chalkboard paint. You can find this at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.  If you are feeling super crafty, you can also make your own using this tutorial from pinterest.
3) Paint over whatever picture is inside and put it back in the frame.
4) Wrap a pretty bow around it and you’re finished. 🙂

IDEA TWO: Coffee Mug + Coffee

This is a good gift that can be both applicable to many different people and personalized at the same time. It is easy but thoughtful- jackpot! The steps to this one are easy…

1) Go to the housewares section of literally any thrift store and there will be tons of coffee mugs, usually 99 cents or less. Pick a mug that fits the personality of the person you are gifting. Hint: the more unique and out there the mug, the more personalized the gift.
2) Pick up their favorite beverage at the grocery store and add to mug- this could be coffee, cocoa, tea, whatever.
3) Wrap a bow around the mug as pictured.

IDEA THREE: Vinyl Record Bowl

I have not personally made one of these but after reading a DIY tutorial on them, I want to rush out to Goodwill and pick up a record (or two or three). Head over to CASA SUGAR for the super quick tutorial for this super cute (and cheap) gift.

Voila! Three quick, cheap, and easy gift ideas using common thrift store items.

What are your ideas for last minute thrift store gifts?


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