[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] religious debate and the simple things in life


-I posted a video on my facebook page Sunday which caused a mini religious debate to ensue regarding homosexuality and what the bible says about it. Feeling attacked for my beliefs because I posted a video simply for fun is the epitome of awkward. ***For the record, I don’t believe homosexuality is a sin and I most definitively do not think that the beautiful people I have met in my 23 years who identify as LGBT are doing something wrong for simply loving another human being. It hurts to hear the horrible things people say based on what I think is an inaccurate interpretation of the bible. This point of view is not up for discussion.***

-The other night we confused an online order and sent it a second night in a row. The guy was so confused when I showed up. Having the conversation through the call box, which is basically next door to another pizza place, was the cherry on top of the ridiculous situation.

-When I went out for a friend’s birthday on Tuesday night I could not get a bartender to come over to me to save my life… I thought girls always got served?!?

-I spilled an entire diet coke on the ground while I was driving down Broadway. I dropped the can below my feet and it was spraying EVERYWHERE but I couldn’t pull over. Needless to say my car is a mess right now.


ah, the simple things in life…

-I found the most amazing combo of yogurt last night at Menchies. Pumpkin yogurt, a small swirl of vanilla yogurt, graham cracker crumbs, and carob chips. it was AMAZING, and it will take all my will power to not head over there after work again tonight.

-Even with leaving over 25 points on my bench, I still won week one of fantasy football playoffs (in our consolation bracket, ha), which means I probably won’t finish in last place! yay!

-Speaking of football, I have the Tebow fever for sure. The Broncos are dominating and it looks like we’ll be going to the playoffs! It has been so fun watching the past few weeks…. here’s to a few more wins!

-And speaking even more of football, I love the card we sent this year, even if though it has the worst photoshop of all time. Here it is….

Happy Holidays to you and yours. 🙂

Check back tomorrow for a special cookie edition of Foodie Friday!


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