[Foodie Friday] Where to find inspiration when you don’t know what to cook.

I love to cook and bake, but often I find myself at a loss for good ideas. It is at these times that I am extremely grateful for the internet. It used to be that you needed to buy cookbooks for new recipes, but now you can find pretty much anything you can dream up on the internet. When I need a new idea, these are the first places I look…

*Smitten Kitchen– Deb works out of a tiny kitchen in her New York apartment and focuses on making “comfort foods stepped up a bit”, while avoiding “fussy foods and/or pretentious ingredients”. The recipes that she features are fun and inventive, but accessible to home cooks such as myself. It is also very easy to find what you’re looking for because she has created a very detailed index, in which you can search by ingredient, season, or other qualifiers (such as gluten free or vegetarian). This is always the first place I look for a new recipe.

*The Pioneer Woman– If you are looking for something to remind you of grandma’s cooking, this is the place you wanna go. Ree takes classic homestyle dishes and makes them accessible to the 21st century. Don’t be afraid of the “country” label. In this case, country might as well mean delicious.

*Bakerella– If you are bored with your normal desserts, look no further. Bakerella takes your average pies and cakes and makes the mini and adorable. The recipes are also very easy! You don’t have to be a pastry chef to make any of these.

*Skinny Taste- While there is a time for indulgence, most of the time I want recipes to be on the healthier side. “Diet” food often means disgusting, but Gina at Skinny Taste makes healthy recipes that are still tasty. Check here especially if you are looking for a healthier version of something you know and love!

*Pinterest- When in doubt, this is a great tool. Type whatever you’re looking for into the search bar and out will pop recommendations from all over the internet. I like it better than just using google because it is image based, and we always eat with our eyes first. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, get one. There is unending inspiration for everything under the sun.

Next time you don’t know what to make, check these sites. I can guarantee you’ll find at least one recipe that you love.

Happy eating!

Where do you find inspiration when looking for new recipes?


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