[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Christmas, Loosey, and Generosity

I know I have been all about Christmas this week, but I just can’t help it! I have caught the Christmas bug. And obviously, a lot of my awkward/awesome moments this week revolve around Christmas. Here are the top three in both categories.


-I spent a long time last night editing our Christmas card and then threw a fit -like a child- this morning when I couldn’t find it. In the end I’m pretty sure that I just never downloaded it from Picnik in the first place. Ooopsies. (Don’t worry, I found and saved it, and it is awesome.)

-Getting hit on for a good 45 minutes at the dog park and not even realizing it until the guy said I should come in to his work for a drink sometime, he hopes he sees me around, etc. It’s a really good thing I have a boyfriend, otherwise I would be screwed.

-Walked into Jordan’s house today to see that Loosey got into red paint. It got on the couch and there is a sploch on her back. People at the dog park saw it and kept thinking it was blood. Nope, not hurt, just a dog that tries to eat anything.


-My boss and two coworkers at my internship bought me a freakin’ amazing ticket to Ryan Adams at the Buell. Orchestra, Row Q. RIGHT up front. It may be better than front row at Red Rocks (we’ll see…).

-The other day when I put 5 dollars in the Salvation Army bucket, the sweet man asked if he could hug me to thank me for my generosity. It was so dang precious.

-The amazing generosity of Coloradans even considering the economy is super awesome. Community First Foundation- a foundation that the nonprofit I intern at supports- sponsored the Second Annual Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday to raise money for nonprofits throughout the state. Over 12 million dollars was raised! That is 4 million more than last year. AMAZING.

Did you have any awkward/awesome moments this week?


One thought on “[Awkward and Awesome Thursday] Christmas, Loosey, and Generosity

  1. I’m pretty sure Loosey is an akward/awesome moment rolled into a dog. In my related akward/awesome moment, every time the new Direct TV commercial comes on, the one where the guy pauses the tv to answer the door for pizza, Gatsby barks at the door. This wouldn’t be a problem if this wasn’t the only commercial Hulu plays.

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