[Wedding Wednesday] Inspired by… BHLDN

I have about a million fake weddings planned in my head. But I’m not a wedding planner. I’m not engaged. None of my friends are even engaged. But I go on planning…. The wedding I can’t get out of my head lately is inspired by a dress that I love from BHLDN:

Greenbow Lace Dress from BHLDN.

When I look at that dress, I see the mountains in early fall. Particularly Aspen trees:

Image credit: thelightningman on Flickr.

For a venue, you could go to the adventurous route, or the safe route, and both would be beautiful.

*For the adventurous route, I picture a large clearing surrounded by aspen trees, a circle of chairs (ala quaker ceremonies), a simple tent with minimal decor, and an acoustic band for entertainment. If you went this route, you’d most likely need either 1) connections to someone with land or 2) a very detailed map leading your guests onto public land.

*For the simple route, you could use an established venue that is rustic and beautiful in the fall. Possible suggestions in Colorado are:
-Ellis Ranch- Loveland, Colorado
-Evergreen Lake House- Evergreen, Colorado
-Shadows Ranch- Georgetown, Colorado
-Lower Lake Ranch- Pine, Colorado

The rest of the details practically plan themselves! Mason jars. Cowboy boots. Acoustic guitar guestbook. Sunflowers!

Home brewed beer! Candy apple wedding favors! Wooden accents!

So there you have it. An easy, relaxed, Colorado fall wedding inspired by my favorite BHLDN dress. 🙂

Check back next Wednesday for more wedding ideas and tomorrow for another Awkward + Awesome Thursday!

***Much thanks to Big Huge Labs and their amazing mosaic maker. All the images in the mosaics are taken directly from Google Image search/Pinterest. If one of them happens to be your image and you would like it removed please let me know.***


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