[Thrifty Tuesday] It’s not my grandma’s china, but…

I’m super in love with the china that I just bought at Goodwill.

As I headed down Broadway on my way home today I couldn’t help but sneak into Goodwill for a quick look around. The only word to describe the Goodwill at Broadway and Archer (Ellsworth) is fabulous. I never leave there empty handed. It also wins the award for the cleanest, most organized Goodwill I have stepped foot in, and in my theatre days I went to every one in town searching for props. In my humble, yet educated, opinion it is definitely the best Goodwill in Denver.

Although I did buy a dress and a white elephant gift today as well, the real star of the trip is the most adorable tea party set. It includes a cake/treat stand, 4 coffee/tea cups, and 4 plates and it was all for NINE DOLLARS. Best of all the plates have a perfect little circle to hold the cups. And they have the most adorable print. See for yourself:

What a wonderful treasure to find- and on Thrifty Tuesday! My advice for finding a household treasure such as this on your next trip to a thrift store follows:

-Look at everything. You may not know what you’re looking for, I certainly didn’t today, but it might be hiding in there somewhere and you will know when you see it.

-This may sound elementary, but make sure you scan all of the shelf, not just your direct line of vision. These babies were hiding in the back of the bottom shelf. I only found them because quite frankly I tried.

-Generally, I say skip the appliances. It is usually a bunch of the same thing (like george foreman grills) and about 75% of the time the stuff doesn’t work. I may be a thrifter but when it comes to things like my KitchenAid stand mixer, Kuerig coffee maker, and other appliances I rely on I want to be sure they will work. If you do find an appliance you like always plug it in first.

-Be open minded and embrace the quirky. If you like the elephant shaped mug and it gives you a good feeling why wouldn’t you buy it? Think of it as a conversation piece.

I could give you many more tips from experience, but these are a few good starting points when it comes to finding a houseware that you love. Be patient. It often takes a lot of looking to find something good, but it will pay off when you find a treasure like I did.

Happy thrifting!

Do you have any other tips to share?


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