[awkward and awesome thursday] it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

I’m so sorry for dropping the ball on the first Wedding Wednesday. I promise next week will bring a fantastic wedding related post. But for today, I bring you the first of many….. AWKWARD AND AWESOME THURSDAYS.


-Jordan and I went to Safeway today and left $13 in the self checkout. I went back to grab it and it was gone and when I asked the self checkout guy he looked at me like I was crazy!

-Getting new brakes was suuuper awkward. (as is any car experience) I was silly and forgot to drop Loosey off so I was that dumb girl who had her dog at just brakes. oops.

-I drove around for an extra like 10 minutes while running a delivery the other night because I read the address wrong- 32 instead of 22. Major awkward moment.

-Almost shocking myself when I opened the door on the electrical cord giving power to the porch lights. It sparked and everything!


-It is December 1 and it snowed today which has GOT to be good luck. It just has to be.

-We put the Christmas tree up and took the cinnamon candles out on saturday! And Loosey leaves it all alone! Even though it is fake it is still beautiful.

-Black Friday success: I splurged on the awesome blue jeggings I’ve been wanting at Gap, found a comfy “grandpa” sweater and Christmas pjs at Target, and LOVED The Muppet Movie.

-Going to the dog park and having everyone fawn over Loosey and her cuteness. Hell, Loosey is just awesome.

Check back every Thursday for more awkward/awesome things in my life.


4 thoughts on “[awkward and awesome thursday] it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

  1. Barrett and I want to see the new Muppet movie so badly! Glad to hear you loved it… Definitely cements the idea of going to see it!

      • I think our plan is to see it over Christmas break… along with Hugo, TinTin, Sherlock Holmes 2, and Arthur Christmas. We’re practically going to live at the movie theater, as the MIL wants people to go see movies with.

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