[Thrifty Tuesday] If the shoe fits…


For my first Thrifty Tuesday I bring you my favorite thrift store find from my favorite thrift store in Denver. MANOLO BLAHNIKS! I found these babies on my dad’s birthday this year. I tried them on and loved them, wore them around the store, had daydreams about them…. but the price was still too high. Like, 20 dollars too high. So I left them. I may looooove shoes but I have to know I’m getting the best deal possible. My momma didn’t raise no fool. When we were checking out I was talking about my other finds of that day- a tweed skirt from Ann Taylor and a Free People shirt dress- and I mentioned my dismay over having to leave the Manolo’s. The store owner then made me a deal I couldn’t refuse- 15% the rest of my purchases and dropped the price of the Manolo’s down to $30. SOLD.

I urge you all to head on over to Mercer Place on South Broadway. I have never left there empty handed and I have found some of the best deals there. And they always have designer brands if that is what you are in to. You can find it right down the street from a pretty amazing ARC + Goodwill and my favorite Italian restaurant (that’s a post for another day) at 1388 South Broadway (Broadway and Arkansas) so you could easily make a day of it. Happy thrifting!

What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten at a thrift store?


One thought on “[Thrifty Tuesday] If the shoe fits…

  1. First to comment! Yes!

    My favorite thrift shop is the Goodwill in Santa Fe. I got a Pendleton blanket for my mom there for $10, and Steve Madden sandals for $15. They always had really great flannels and amazing shoes! If you’re ever in Santa Fe, check it ou!

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