[THANKFUL] The “Phat Fatties”

For my first post in my week of being “thankful”, I have to start with my best friends.

My best friends and I call ourselves the “phat fatties”. I have known these girls since middle school! They have been there from the awkward days when I wore too much eyeliner to now. We have had our fights and we have all gone through many phases, but we have always found time to be together and support each other. We have matching bracelets that we wear when one is going through a hard time and we’ve even had our own traveling tshirt! Best friends make life so much better.

Although we live in 4 different states now, I am still so blessed by them all. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I love you and I’m thankful for you Mandy, Holly, Jessa, Jenn, Casey, Jenni, and Emmy!

I encourage you to tell your best friend(s) how thankful you are for them this week.

Check back tomorrow for another thing I’m thankful for!


2 thoughts on “[THANKFUL] The “Phat Fatties”

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